This comprehensive price guide covers office or business-grade photocopiers, printers and multifunction printers in Australia. The guide should help you plan an appropriate budget range when looking to buy or lease an office or business-grade copier or printer.

Need to budget only?

This guide will help you do so. When you are ready to get firm quotes, you will have the right budget expectations.

In the market now?

When you’re ready to get firm quotes from suppliers, it is important to set a realistic budget range. If your budget is unrealistic for the printer type and features you or your business requires, quotes you get may not be relevant to your budget or your requirements.

Business-grade vs. consumer-grade copiers & printers

This guide is aimed at businesses requiring business-grade copiers & printers, as opposed to retail- or consumer-grade printers, which are designed mostly for private and/or home use.

As a rule of thumb, for budgets below $1,500 for A4 devices or below $3,000 for A3 devices (which do both A4 & A3), the best options are retail-grade copiers or printers, for which pricing is readily available online.

This comprehensive guide covers:

  • A4 printers.
  • A3 Printers.
  • A4 Multifunction Printers & Copiers.
  • A3 Multifunction Printers & Copiers.
  • Wide Format Printers.
  • Purchase, Lease or Rent? Which is the best option?
  • Purchase Cost vs. Running Cost – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and how to calculate.

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