What budget should I allow to purchase a copier or printer?

Printers and multifunction devices can be classified as either consumer-grade or business-grade. Consumer-grade printers are generally sold in retail outlets, such as Officeworks and various online retail sites. Pricing can range from as low as $60 to around $1,500. These types of printers are designed for home use, including small home-based businesses. They are inexpensive to buy but generally expensive to run and not as reliable as business-grade printers.

Most small and medium businesses with more than one user would be better off with a business-grade device. These are designed with business users in mind and are overall more economical in the longer term. They come with leasing and service options. Pricing generally starts at $1,500-$2,000 for desktop-style printers. Free standing A4 & A3 multifunction devices start at around $3,000, or from around $70 per month if leased. For more detailed information, click below.

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What if I just need basic price information? I don’t really need formal quotes yet.

Please check our Price Guide for pricing information and budget research.

Will suppliers call me?

Our service was established to assist you to get up to 3 formal quotes from suppliers of business copiers, printers, and multifunction devices. These devices generally come in multiple configurations with optional accessories to provide additional functionality. Suppliers may want to introduce themselves and discuss these prior to quoting, in order to provide an accurate and relevant quote. However, the more information you can provide in the quote request survey, the less reason there is to call you. 

Am I obligated to buy from any suppliers who give me quotes?

Absolutely not. Just when you approach any supplier directly to get a quote, the decision to purchase or not is completely up to you. Our aim is to help you in your research and get multiple quotes quickly and easily.

How fast will I receive my quotes?

Our suppliers are always keen to earn your business and will respond quickly. Usually within hours, or at least within the same day, depending on the time of your request. If you use our quote request service on a weekend, please allow until Monday to receive a response.

How many quotes will I receive?

Our aim is to get up 3 suppliers to respond with quotes. Occasionally it can be 4.
If you are based in a regional area it may be less depending on how many suppliers in our network service your area.

Can CopierChoice buy my old copier or printer?

We are currently unable to buy old copiers or printers directly, but we may still be able to help you. Please email all details, including brand, model, age of the
printer, any images, and your business contact details & address to: selling@copierchoice.com.au and we will reply as soon as possible?

Also keep your eyes out on the CopierChoice Marketplace section launching on this website soon. Here you will be able to list your old copier or printer for sale.

How does CopierChoice make money? Will I pay more for my copier by using CopierChoice?

CopierChoice makes money by charging copier companies (who have been heavily vetted by us) a small fee for referrals to website visitors like you.

If you press the big ‘Get Quotes‘ button and submit your details, you – as a potential copier or printer customer – get the quotes for free, but the copier companies in the CopierChoice network pay us a small fee if we send them your quote request. We get paid whether you choose to buy anything from them or not. That’s how we stay independent.

Do you provide quotes on specific brands or models

Although you can certainly request quotes on a specific printer brand and/or model, we cannot guarantee that you will only get quotes for that brand and model. Our aim is to get you at least 3 quotes and this may include quotes for similar models from other brands. This way you can compare your options better. However, if you specifically only want quotes for a certain brand and/or model, please specify this clearly when you fill in our quote request form.

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