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Benefits of Buying a New Copier

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you choose to buy a new copier for your business.

  • Recoup Investment: Even though a copier is a depreciating asset, your second-hand copier can still be sold if you no longer need it, whereas a refurbished one may be difficult to sell again.
  • Lower Cost Per Print: Since you will be using a new copier, the cost of parts and supplies can have a lower price compared to refurbished copiers that use older technology. Buying a new copier is more advisable if you are printing enough volumes each month because newer copier models have a lower cost per print.
  • Easier to Maintain: New copiers are much easier to maintain compared to refurbished ones that may have a tendency to break down more often. It means that there’s not much service needed for new copiers.
  • Equipment Rebates: There are certain new copier models that have quarterly incentives or end-of-year specials that you can take advantage of. These rebates being offered by the manufactures can sometimes make the cost of a new copier model very close to the cost of a refurbished one.

Disadvantages of Buying a New Copier

After knowing the advantages of buying a new copier, here are the disadvantages that you should look out for.

  • Initial Expense: The expense of purchasing a new copier outright is too much to manage, especially for small businesses. Those businesses that require highly specialized industrial copiers may need a bigger budget because such machines can cost thousands of dollars. Aside from that, they are also expensive to repair out of pocket.
  • Costs of Replacement: When the new copier you buy becomes outdated or it’s no longer functioning well, it’s up to you to replace it. It can be an unexpected cost associated with wear and tear which is a major concern for some business owners.

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Copier

If you are looking into buying a refurbished copier, here are some of the advantages that you can get.

  • Lower Priced Technology: Since refurbished copiers are used, they are obviously going to cost less than a new model. In fact, refurbished copiers can cost as much as 50 percent less compared to a factory new model. This option will give you more flexibility with your budget and will allow you to save monthly on new or upgrade to a better quality copier.
  • More Time for Negotiation: Refurbished copiers are not restricted to limited time only discounts and rebates offered by the manufacturer. Meaning, it will give you the ability to negotiate a good price with the seller without feeling pressured to buy immediately.
  • High Quality and Reliable Copier: In the past years, imaging technology has improved in small increments. This means that when you buy a new model, you are gaining very small features and quality upgrades. A refurbished copier, on the other hand, can last just as long as a new one if properly serviced.
  • Refurbished Copiers Are Proven to Work: When you buy a used copier form a reputable manufacturer, it comes with a guarantee that the machine works. Unlike when buying a new one which is like a gamble because there might be features that may or may not work. A refurbished device, on the other hand, has no unknown issues.

Disadvantages of Buying a Refurbished Copier

After knowing the advantages of buying a refurbished copier, here are the disadvantages it comes with that you should look out for.

  • It Can Burn Out: The age of a photocopier can be determined depending on how many impressions or pages it has printed. Some particularly durable models of copiers can last closer to a decade while some can only last four to five years if the recommended value hasn’t been exceeded. When buying a refurbished copier, you need to ask yourself if you are prepared to replace it if it suddenly stops working in two to three months.
  • It May Be Challenging to Find Spare Parts: Many of the major brands of copiers turn over their product line every two or three years and they keep spare parts to support older models for a few years after that. However, these parts are regularly being phased out and they tend to raise the price on your service agreement to persuade you to buy a new one. Refurbished copiers, especially older ones’ spare parts and consumables like toner cartridges are rare to find and can get more expensive as well.
  • Can Have Weird Electrical Problems: When you buy a refurbished digital copier, there’s a higher chance that you will get one that has some electrical problems. It’s because digital copiers are highly sensitive and prone to malfunctioning in ways that can make them cost less to replaces than to repair.

A New Copier or A Refurbished Copier?

Choosing between buying a new copier and a refurbished copier depends mainly on your preferences and your business’ needs. If you have the budget to buy a new one and you don’t want to risk your money in buying a used one that may fail after a few months, then buying a new copier might be the best option for you. But if you’re on a budget and your business does not always require copying most of the time, then buying a refurbished copier might work best for you.

Whether you buy a new one or a refurbished one, what’s important is they both can cater to your needs. Just make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller and you’re choosing a good quality copier.