Now you’re working from home, do you need to buy a better printer?

With the Corona virus pandemic unfortunately in full swing, you may have been stuck working from home for just a few days or perhaps a week or more already. You may have started to realise how much in fact you relied on the good old office copier. All of a sudden you can’t make copies of important […]

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Copiers and Multifunctional Printers

Running a business often rely on hardware, such as digital printers and copiers, as they are an essential part day-to-day operations. With that, they could represent a significant portion of ongoing operational expenses, which typically attributes to 1-3% of revenue on average, according to industry experts. Understanding the total cost of ownership of your copying […]

Buying a New Copier or Printer – Points to Consider

With a lot of options out there, it’s really hard to decide which copier or multifunction printer to choose. Don’t get sold into a device you don’t need or worse, accidentally skip a feature that is necessary for your office. Here are some points to consider when buying a new copier or printer. Colour vs. […]

Copier & Printer Data Security: What You Must Know And Do To Prevent Identity Theft

printers and copiers can pose serious security risks

Printer security risks? Really? Yes! Copiers or Multifunction Printers (MFPs) pose a much greater security risk in your business than you may realise. There is a serious risk for hard-drive security breach, and understanding the consequences when not handled properly, is an industry-wide concern. When printers morphed into the multifunction machines they are today, it […]

New or Used Copiers – Which is Best to Buy?

new or used copiers - which is best to buy

A new office copier is not the cheapest item you will purchase for your business. Prices range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. For this reason, businesses often consider looking at used or reconditioned, also called refurbished copiers when looking to buy a copier. This guide is aimed to help you decide […]

Lease, Rent or Buy a Photocopier: Which is Best?

There are numerous issues to consider before determining what sort of finance to use when purchasing a photocopier, be it leasing, hire purchase, rental or other forms of finance. It is always a good idea to conduct a cost vs. benefit analysis. This will ensure that the benefit obtained from a photocopier will provide an […]

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