Dear Copier & Printer Buyer, 

Based on many years of enquiries and quote requests, you have most likely come to this site because….

  • You have a copier that’s either limping along or needs a funeral and must be replaced…fast!
  • You have a copier out of contract, or soon and requires replacement with a similar device or perhaps an upgrade.
  • You have already or are starting a new business, have no idea about options, pricing, copier or printer types and want some quotes to get an idea.
  • You literally have no idea, but the Boss has just asked you to “please get some quotes for a new copier”, and so you Googled and found us.
  • You ARE the Boss and are looking to get quotes for any of the above reasons.
  • Perhaps some or a combination of the above applies to your situation
  • None of the above applies, and you don’t know how you even got here…

Well, whichever the case (except for maybe the last reason), you’ve come to the right place. Since 2010, CopierChoice has helped well over 10,000 businesses across Australia by comparing their options and getting independent quotes for quality copiers & printers from all leading brands, such as Canon, Ricoh, Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Kyocera and more.

CopierChoice exists to help Aussie businesses, large & small, find the right copier & printer solutions for their business and get multiple quotes from suppliers they can trust.

Over the last ten years, we have steadily built a network of over 200 reputable copier & printer suppliers across Australia that we trust to provide you with their quotes through this website. We have had to turn away a few in the process as well.

We are very fussy about which suppliers we allow to provide you with quotes, as we value our trusted reputation in the market and our suppliers need to reflect this.

If you don’t particularly like being ‘sold to’ and waste your time with salespeople trying to sell you something that’s just not right for you, we hear you! With our quote request service, you can provide all the requirements and any additional information you want us to know via our simple quote survey form. This means the suppliers who respond (maximum 3 and in some cases 4) already know most of what they need to know to provide quotes.  

We could easily shorten our quote survey form and get many more people to complete it, like some other copycat copier quoting sites out there that have popped up since we began. But then the likelihood of you getting relevant, customised quotes is very small, and everyone’s time would be wasted.

Of course, if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for, our partner suppliers will be more than happy to help you determine what’s best for you.

If this sounds like you…

  • Your time is valuable, and getting quotes should be a fast, efficient and painless process, done right THE FIRST TIME and,
  • You’re serious about your copier or printer needs, not just kicking tires and,
  • You want to do business with trusted, pre-vetted, reputable and quality suppliers, not cowboys.

Then CopierChoice is the best way to compare all your options, get the most competitive pricing, get advice if needed and get your copying, printing & scanning needs sorted with a quality product and service from a reputable, quality supplier.

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Not ready to buy yet? Please have a look at all the resources we have on the site to help you get more informed about copiers & printers. This includes our blog, our CopierChoice Price Guide & Buyer’s Guide, lease calculators and more.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback or concerns. We are always happy to help and provide some independent advice!

May you be copying, printing & scanning happily ever after!

CopierChoice Australia

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Founded in 2010, CopierChoice has a single mission; bring educated buyers and sellers together at the time they are ready to do business. We have grown our supplier network to over 200 copier & printer suppliers across Australia and have assisted thousands of businesses save time and money on their business copier & printer purchases.

What’s in it for buyers?

CopierChoice knows the industry and has done the research on making copier or printer purchasing decisions for your business. Our comprehensive Buyer’s Guides, Price Guides and an abundance of articles on all things copiers and printers means you get well informed and can make better and smarter buying decisions. Your bottom line will love you!

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Get up to 3 free quotes from trusted and pre-vetted dealers and compare photocopier prices and service. Our free quote request service allows you to answer a few short questions about the copier or printer you’re interested in and then sit back while up to 3 reputable, pre-screened suppliers contact you with competitive price quotes.  They will know what you want, know that you are serious and provide competitive price quotes quickly to earn your business. 

Our supplier network consists of authorised photocopier and printer dealers and vendors across Australia representing all the major and trusted brands, such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, Fuji Xerox, Sharp, Kyocera and more. 

Whether you’re in the market to buy, lease or rent a photocopier or multifunction printer (MFP), Copier Choice will save you valuable time you would otherwise spend on finding suppliers in your area, calling them, waiting for call backs from their sales people and repeatedly explaining your requirements to all of them. CopierChoice helps you access suppliers and get quotes in one easy step. They will contact you! No need to do the chasing yourself. And best of all, our suppliers are professionals and courteous. And if they’re not, we want to know about it.  

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What’s in it for sellers?

CopierChoice are dedicated to the copier industry and have been providing copier leads since 2010. As the leader in lead generation for the copier & printer industry, our lead generation programme is designed to put your business in front of prospective copier/printer buyers at exactly the point they are ready to compare quotes and make a purchasing decision. 

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If you are an authorised copier dealer or represent a vendor in a sales or marketing capacity, you cannot afford to miss out on our pre-qualified copier sales leads to supplement your business sales pipeline. All leads are pre-screened before they are approved for release. As a result, we actually reject many leads before we send them to you. Our Lead Quality Guarantee ensures you only pay for leads that are in-market. Finding new customers via CopierChoice is easier, cheaper, and faster than methods traditionally used in the copier industry. It should be a great experience for both the buyer and seller. With many suppliers having partnered with us since 2011, the proof is in the puddi….eh leads. 

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